How to Disable Reply all and Forward in Outlook 2010 with a Macro

Sometimes I want to send an email to a bunch of people, but I don’t want everyone hitting reply all. Choosing the BCC route is a good choice to stop this, but then everyone won’t know who got the email and decided to forward it to everyone else. Thus causing more email clutter in their inbox. Luckily we can fix this with a quick macro to stop all this mess. This little trick can be done on any Outlook that allows macros to be enabled in an email message.

How to do this

First open Outlook 2010 and go to the Developer tab. If you don’t have it there follow this article How to Show the Developer Tab in Office 2010. Click on the Marcos button and select macros.

Outlook 2010

In the Marcos window enter a name for the macro, I’m going call mine “NoReplyAll_NoForward”. Then click on create.


In the routine enter this code between the Sub and End Sub.

ActiveInspector.CurrentItem.Actions(“Reply to All”).Enabled = False

ActiveInspector.CurrentItem.Actions(“Forward”).Enabled = False


Go ahead and save it and close the window. Open a new email message and go to the Developer Tab and select your macro you just created.


Type up your email and send it. Whenever the receivers open it up, they will not be able to hit the Reply All button or the Forward button.


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  1. Alli says

    Tried this in Outlook 2010 and got the compile error

    Does not accept the “Reply to all” does not expect white space before to.

  2. Luke says

    When you paste the code into Outlook’s macro editor it might use smart quotes. Replace them with plain quotes and it will compile.

  3. Harish says

    It works fine, but what I noticed is that if i use a smartphone ( i use windows 7 phone) I get the option to forward & was also successfully able to forward a mail . It did not give me “reply to all” option, as expected but it gave the “forward ” option.
    In outlook, both the ” reply to all” & “forward’ option was greyed out

  4. Bjoern says

    Awesome! Oh, and yes the thing about the quotes is right – just replace the quotes and it’ll work.

  5. Chris says

    Thanks for the macro procedure.
    Is it applicable to the DG or is something that can be disable from the server?