Reset All Settings on your iOS Device without Losing Data

We have shown you how to reset network settings on your iOS device, but WIFI and cellular data are not the only problems. At times your iOS device will get kind of funky. Random quirks will happen, like contacts not appearing correctly, you might need a reset. This will not erase your data, instead it will just restore your settings back to factory default. This means WIFI, cellular data, and other iOS settings will go back to their default settings. Here is how to reset all settings on your iOS device without losing data.

Reset All Settings on the iPone, iPad and iPod Touch

The steps below will show you how to restore the factory settings without losing data. You can also try to reboot your iOS device to see if this will fix your problem. If rebooting doesn’t work, give the below steps a try on your iOS device.

To begin, you will need to go the the Settings app. In the Settings app go to the General options menu and click it.

Reset All Settings on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch -1

Under the General settings scroll down to the bottom until you see the Rest option. Click the button to continue.

Reset All Settings on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch -2

Now this is the important part. You will want to make sure you only select the “Reset All Settings” option. There are other buttons that will wipe  all your data. So make sure you click on the button like the picture below.

Reset All Settings on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch -3

If you have a passcode enabled you will need to enter it to continue. When your finished, your iOS device will reboot. After your iOS device is finished you will see the lock screen. Unlock your device and reconnect to your WIFI and setup your other settings, like brightness and volume settings.

Hopefully this fixed your problem with your iOS device. If not share your problems below in the comments.

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