How to Hide and Show Taskbar Buttons in Windows Vista or Windows 7

In the past we have shown you How to Minimize and Hide your Open Windows with Minime and How to Quickly Hide Windows to the System Tray with RBTray. With these programs the completely remove the open windows from your screen and hides them. What if you only want to remove the taskbar buttons or content from your taskbar?  Luckily for us there is a portable app that does just that called HideAndShowTaskbarContent.

How to

First download the HideAndShowTaskbarContent, link below, and run the app. It will run automatically and open with the HideAndShowTaskbarContent main menu.

Show or Hide Window buttons or content - 1

This is where you can do a bunch of fun things. To hide all the buttons or content from the taskbar just click Hide under ShowAndHide Taskbar contents. All your open windows will still be up but will no longer have the taskbar button.

Show or Hide Window buttons or content - 2

To bring them back just click Show.


Download HideAndShowTaskbarContentsv2.1 here

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