Delete Empty Folders in Windows the Easy Way

Trying to remove empty directories can be very annoying. They sit there taking up space and over time, build into one giant mess. Unfortunately, Windows does not have any built in tools to take care of this problem for us. If you have this predicament and would like to clean up some disk space then the program Remove Empty Directories has a solution for you. Here is how to delete empty folders in Windows the easy way.

Delete Empty Folders in Windows

First download and install Remove Empty Directories,link below, and run through the setup. Remove empty Directories should automatically launch if you chose all the defaults, if not you can launch it from the start menu, or search for Remove Empty Directories with the Start Search.

Remove Empty Directories is really straight forward, just browse to the drive you want to scan. Since I store data under my C drive and frequently make folders, I will use the C drive as my location.

Delete Empty Folders in Windows -1

Then Click the Scan Folders in the bottom left it. It will take some time for it to finish so be patient. If you want to speed up this process just make sure to select a small drive or go to a sub directory.

Delete Empty Folders in Windows -2

After it is finished, it will show you how many folders you have that are empty. They will be the ones that are colored red.

Delete Empty Folders in Windows -3

Just click Delete folders and they will be gone forever! Freeing up some space on your hard drive.

Delete Empty Folders in Windows -4

The process to delete the folders can take a while. You rerun the program numerous number of times by clicking the Scan Again button. That is it. This program works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. If you a have another program that you use or a script that deletes empty folders share them in the comments below.


Get Remove Empty Directories here

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