Free Screen Recorder for Mac OS X

A lot of people like to record their screen activity and share with friends or to make YouTube videos. For those of us that use a Mac, you might be looking for a free screen recorder. Luckily for us, Mac OS X has a free screen recorder built right in. Well, if you have Snow Leopard and up you do. So if you haven’t upgraded yet, you might want too. In any case, here is the free screen recorder for Mac OS X called QuickTime Player.

Free Screen Recorder for Mac

The first step to start using the screen recording in QuickTime Player is to launch it. Then go to the menu bar and click File. From the drop down menu click on New Screen Recording. Just like the picture below.

Free Screen Recorder for Mac OSX -1

You will see the Screen Recording window below. Here you can press the red circle to start capturing your screen activity. To stop recording you can press the Stop Recording Button or press Command+Control+ESC. After you stopped the recording, QuickTime will automatically open your video. The default name of the recording is called “Screen”. You can use QuickTime Player to Export your video as any format and also change its name.

Free Screen Recorder for Mac OSX -2

During the recording the QuickTime Player will not be in your screen capture. Even though it is on the screen and you can stop the recording, we recommend using the keyboard shortcuts to do this. Since you will not have random clicks on the screen. But you can always use QuickTimes trim ability to remove unnecessary stuff.

Another handy feature to the QuickTime Player screen recorder is showing mouse clicks. From the QuickTime Player window, use the mouse to click the arrow to the right. From the drop down menu select “Show Mouse Clicks in Recording.” Every time you click with the mouse you will see your clicks in your video.

Free Screen Recorder for Mac OSX -3

From this menu you can also select other options. Especially if you want to record your voice while making your video, or to capture the system sounds using the Built-in Input. Just remember to click on the menu items once to enable them, they will have a check mark next to them. And to disable them click them again, removing the check mark.

Like we said before, the QuickTime Player is an excellent free screen recorder. If you have 10.5 or lower you might want to upgrade to Snow Leopard just to get the upgraded QuickTime Player.

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