How to Disable Notifications with Do Not Disturb in Mac OS X

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Mac OS X can get a lot of notifications now a days. From iMessages, emails, to websites spending notifications to OS X. We recently shown you how to disable notifications from the lock screen, which is helpful unless you want to turn all notifications off for a set period. This is where Do Not Disturb comes in. Here is how to temporarily disable notifications with Do Not Disturb in Mac OS X.

How to Setup Time Machine on Mac OS X

Setup Time Machine on Mac OS X - FI

We all know how important backing up your computers are, especially if you don’t want to lose any of your data. Here at Doztech, we recommend two backup solutions, like backing up to SkyDrive. The first is locally, so you can access your files quickly. The other, is offsite. Either a backup solution to the cloud or backing up your data to an external hard drive and sending it somewhere. None the less, the first solution we will talk about is a local backup solution on Mac OS X. Mac OS X has a built in featured called Time Machine. This allows you to backup all of your data on Mac OS X and forget out losing anything. Here is how to setup Time Machine on Mac OS X.

Boot Straight into the Desktop in Windows 8.1

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When Windows 8 was first developed, Microsoft wanted every user to use the tiled interface instead of the default desktop. The tiled start menu is the face of Windows 8 and is handy if you use a tablet pc. But for us that use a regular desktop, or just prefer the desktop environment, Windows 8 has been a pain. There are countless third party apps to bring back the start menu, and even hacks to boot into the desktop. But these have problems at times. Luckily for use desktop environment user, Windows 8.1 kind of brings this back. Here is how to boot straight into the desktop in Windows 8.1.

Disable Bing Integration in Windows 8.1

Disable Bing Integration in Windows 8 -2

Windows 8.1 has Bing integrated into the operating system. Every time you use the search feature in Windows 8.1, your searches will be sent to Bing. This is supposed to make finding information faster using Bing. Bing is great if you like it, or want to get Amazon Gift cards for free using their reward program. Their reward program has to be one of the best, and their search results are not that bad compared to Googles. Then again if you are not a fan of Bing, you might want to remove it from Windows 8. Here is how to disable Bing integration in Windows 8.1.

Disable Microsoft Office 2013 Start Screen

Disable Microsofts Office 2013's Start Screen FI

Microsoft Office 2013 has a bunch of new features into it. One of them is called the Start Screen. The Start Screen is a quick way to open recent documents and files, open templates, and even open other files. The Start Screen is good for those who like seeing this interface. But if you prefer […]

Do Not Disturb in iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

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Stating in Apple’s iOS 6, Apple added a new feature to iOS that stops notifications, phone calls, and any other alert on your iOS device. This feature is called Do Not Disturb. Do Not Disturb give your iPhone, or any other iOS device, the ability to restrict what alerts and calls at any given time. […]

Disable Lock Screen Notifications in Mac OS X Mavericks

Disable Lock Screen Notifications in Mac OS X Mavericks

The notifications center was first introduced in ¬†OS X Mountain Lion. Then improved in Mavericks with some more features. One of the new features in Mavericks is notifications on the lock screen. This is great if you want to see important information without logging into your Mac. But this is also bad if you don’t […]

Restore Windows 8 to Factory Settings with Refresh

Restore Windows 8 to Factory Settings -9

Preforming a factory reset on Windows 8 is a lot easier to do then previous Windows operating systems. Back in the days of Windows 7, and older, if you wanted to reset Windows, you would have to reinstall Windows. Reinstalling Windows is a pain and can take a long time even if it is an […]

Switch Between Desktops in Mac OS X Quickly

Swtich Between Desktops in Mac OS X

Mac OS X has an awesome feature called Mission Control. Mission Control lets you create more desktop spaces so you don’t have to worry about a cluttered desktop. You can also use these extra desktop spaces as a work flow. What I generally do is have my main work on Desktop 1. Then switch to […]